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Advocate, guide, and coach.

As an educational consultant, Margaret McNally is an advocate, guide, and coach for students and their families facing the increasingly complex world of college admissions.

We provide the knowledge and individual attention to help students find the college that best matches their academic, social and financial needs—a college where they will thrive and be successful, academically and socially.

Highly motivational and personalized advice.

The college admissions process is often a time of high tension and stress. Most students find the help of an educational consultant highly motivational, and working together almost always leads to increased maturity and growth. With personalized coaching and guidance, applying to college should be exciting, even fun.

Specialized work with international students.

Margaret specializes in working with international students. Once herself an international student, she serves as an invaluable bridge for students from around the world who are applying to colleges and universities in the U.S. 

Margaret works with students around the world, with a particular focus on students from Africa. Having been educated in South Africa and the United States, she has an intimate knowledge of the public and private educational systems in both countries.

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Margaret McNally, teacher and student, college advisor
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