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  • Help student get organized to reduce the stress of the college search and planning process

  • Recommend schedule for ACT, SAT, and SAT subject test

  • Discuss ACT and SAT test preparation

  • Talk about learning issues and needs for college

  • Review extracurricular activities as well as honors, awards, and leadership roles

  • Discuss plans for summer: jobs, academic programs, internships, volunteer work

  • Develop a comprehensive, preliminary list of colleges

  • Advise student on methods to research potential colleges

  • Suggest schedule for college visits

  • Start brainstorming and writing the college essay

11th Grade 
  • Review student’s records including the transcript and standardized testing results

  • Conduct interviews with the student and parents to assess the student’s needs, interests, and goals, as well as the family’s expectations and financial requirements

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  • Review final college applications

  • Compare colleges’ financial aid packages and establish which are most generous

  • Review college acceptances and advise family on final decision

  • Prepare student for transition to college

McNally College Consulting offers college admissions guidance for 9th through 12th grade students. We also offer specialized guidance to international and transfer students.
9th & 10th Grade

Starting a conversation with 9th and 10th grade students about college is crucial. It gives them an opportunity to envision a road map of what their years leading up to their college search and application might look like.


  • In one-on-one meetings, we review the student's grades and discuss their selection of courses

  • Review and advise student on extracurricular activities, including summer options.

  • Regular check-ins and progress tracking

12th Grade
  • Review transcript and testing results

  • Advise on final list of colleges student will apply to

  • Prepare student for successful college visits and interviews

  • Assist with the college application essay: interpreting the essay topics, brainstorming responses, assisting with structure, tone, editing

  • Assist with all supplementary college application essays

  • Build resume and activities list

  • Provide teachers and counselor with means to write quality recommendations

  • Explain significance of early action and early decision options

  • Advise student’s interactions with college admissions offices

  • Discuss need-based aid and merit aid

  • Establish timeline for financial aid application

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